Working with Jason is pure magic.  he’s never stressful or judge!  I was playing the Soccer Mom in The Wolves and had to have a complete meltdown during the three page monologue.  He helped me find the depth in the character without pushing or manufacturing anything.  He made even that really difficult scene fun and easy.  Thank you Jason! Carla Young 

I got an email offer this morning from Laura Walsh to represent me and I have just emailed all of the paperwork back to her. Her notes were right out of the Jason Buyer playbook. She didn’t say “feel down to the page”, but that was what she meant, in one case. But other comments were things I’ve heard you tell people again and again: “levels”, “don’t worry about dropping lines as long as you stay in character”, “concentrate on listening and having an opinion”, “didn’t see the moment before”, and of course the classic Jason Buyer “I didn’t believe it”. I was walking home this afternoon, thinking about all of this, and I had to stop and have a little cry….And I owe so much to you: your patience, your encouragement, your teaching, your humor. You are DA MENSCH! Bill Young 


“Last week I had an audition……and it was an eight page cold read. My agent told me they weren’t giving the sides ahead of time. So I just read it twice when I arrived to the office using your technique. The casting director was so amazed! My audition was wonderful and had so many colors. So thank you. I also used the technique for Law & Order SVU. I memorized the first scene because I had many actions but the second scene I had the emotion going down into the paper and picked up the words. I booked that job.” Vicky Jeudy 


“Jason, we weren’t kidding when we said it was one of the best workshops we have had. And I bought a copy of your book for our professor who teaches a whole year of auditioning so that she can keep current with the trends out there. I look forward to seeing you at our showcase and want to thank you for so many great pieces of advice. Melody Gray 


“I learned so much and feel so much better preparing scenes. It’s crazy how much you can improve in such a short time.. And I’m learning where I need to take my time, slow down, etc.. I also like the way you work with us- it helps us improve rather than shut us down which as happened to me with other teachers. So thanks:)” Carolina Ravassa 


“Hi Jason. I wanted to let you know that I used your “Formula” on the callback and was booked on the spot. We will do a Table Read @ Paramount Studios. Yes, your “Formula” works!! Thanks a million for your patience.” J. Santiago 


“Hey Jason! Hope all is well- This is Ben Levin, Abraham’s friend. We worked on sides for a Tina Fey movie a month ago. So I had thought the audition went great, but I hadn’t heard anything for weeks… But just yesterday I was cast as a different character and am shooting two days on the film. I just wanted to let you know and to thank you again for the wise words!” Ben Levin 


“Since learning Jason’s formula, I have felt more comfortable working with a wider range of material. It really works every time! Jason’s instruction goes beyond audition technique. He brings out the best in each actor and makes you feel confident bringing your best into any audition room. I have been spreading the word to my fellow actors in NYC about Jason Buyer’s class and to everyone else to get a copy of his book Inside the Audition Room.” Nicola Fiore 


“Hi Jason….Your information was not only fresh (not something I’ve already heard), but also invaluable. Just wanted to let you know that the very next day after your seminar I got a call out of the blue to audition for an independent film. I got the sides late that night and had the audition the following morning. With all the tips you gave at the seminar still fresh in my memory, I applied them as I worked on my sides, especially the one about always having a thought before each line of dialogue. Well, wouldn’t you know that I went in, gave a great audition and got the part!!! : )). Just wanted to say thank you for teaching what you do. I’ve always been curious to know what casting people are really looking for and now I feel like I know. I can’t wait to continue to apply your technique to all of my auditions” Karen Contreras 


“You have been the best acting coach/teacher I’ve had. Besides helping me understand myself as an actress, you’ve helped me improve as a human being. All the pep talks and counseling really do help and hit home. Thanks for being there when I was frustrated with myself. Thank you for spending the full hour of class on my acting without having distractions. I appreciate all the wonderful things you do – your thoughtfullness and tremendous generosity are greatly appreciated and never overlooked” Dixie McMahon 


“I have worked with Jason for about four years, ever since my agent suggested I take his class to help with my audition technique. I found his straightforward, real-life approach to auditions refreshing and easy to implement. He stresses the importance to do more than just “good” work, and puts in simple terms what you need to do if you want to book. He demystifies the process of breaking down a scene in a way that makes sense and doesn’t cloud his method with the new-age-y-actor-speak you hear from other teachers. I continue to use Jason regularly for private coaching and feel it is an invaluable tool that has directly helped me get callbacks and bookings.” Sasha Wexler 


“I have coached with Jason many times and am continually impressed with his uncanny intuitive ability for assessing what the writer intends for a scene – be it the style, tone or delivery of a line – and then helping me find a way to make it my own. The tangible techniques he teaches improved my on-camera auditions immediately! And besides all this, he is positive and energetic and really loves helping actors succeed.” Maggie Eilertson 


“I had been wanting to thank you for all your words of wisdom, which I am convinced helped me book my first roles…You really are an awesome adviser and I am very thankful that I met you when I did. I am finally able to pursue the line of work I have wanted to since I was a little girl, and your words really helped me in going forward.” Hira Ambrosino 


“I wanted to reiterate how happy and satisfied I was from our coaching. You were supportive, encouraging, and insightful and I felt very lucky to have had your council. Moreover, not a moment of my time felt wasted or superfluous. Again, thank you very much for your expertise and input. I will continue to draw on it in the future.” Jesse Burch 


“I want to thank you for coming to talk to our students. You were so informative and giving to them. I have spoken to the “kids” and they are so amazed at everything they learned! Your course is a gem! I wish every actor in Chicago could study with you.” Harrise Davidson